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El Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente acuerda con 13 Comunidades Autónomas desarrollar una aplicación informática común para la gestión de la PAC a partir de 2015

24 January 2014

Will begin to be used with the reform of the PAC 2015 for direct aid and for the second pillar assimilated to these direct aid.

, Andalucian marvel, march Asturias, Balearics, Cantabria, Castellano – The Stain, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, The Valence Rioja and will participate in the development of the software application

The development of this common computer application will be a significant budgetary savings for all administrations participants

The ministry of agriculture, food and environment, through the Agrarian Guarantee Spanish (FEGA), has agreed with thirteen autonomous communities to develop a common computer application for the management of direct aid from the PAC and aid assimilated to direct aid of the second pillar. Has been during the conference Sectoral of agriculture and Rural development which is held at the headquarters of the department.

With this agreement, the Autonomous Communities participants will have the same computer application for managing direct aid from the PAC in 2015, after the entry into force of the reform of the PAC. this way, developed with the FEGA one computer application, avoiding the extra costs associated with the launch of computer applications of its own.

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