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Aid for the russian portals in since CKAN

05 december 2014

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FederGob, released as free software, you can configure how plugin for functioning in the generic portals which are based on CKAN.

The federation in through different Open Data portals of the public administrations means that their data catalogues are made visible at the national level. The infomediaries who want to develop applications, consumers and, in general, anyone who wants to find specific information in national territory, have in this portal its main quest, so it is very advisable to be listed here.

The tool that has Federador is responsible for regularly collect a file with the programme narratives of the datasets that Open Data portal want included in this catalogue. In preparation for this information there is a very complete guide: Manual of Federador

This guide is a precise description of the process of a federation contains configuration examples of metadata and come well specified the steps to be undertaken. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of checking if the file of metadata DCAT/RDF generated complies with the structure that should be provided. In spite of these facilities, we have therefore consulted several portals and must be devoted several days until configure metadata file properly because there is no direct possibility to do so.

After making the process of ifrc Opendata Cáceres (, decided to implement some scripts to make this process of russian once installed automatically. To this software have called FederGob and which has been configured as a plugin for it to function generically in the portals which are based on CKAN. FederGob we have placed in the mobile world forge as free software: Project FederGob and is available to be used by already federan portals your data and, above all, for those who have this pending proceedings.

FederGob is a plugin that modifies the metadata files RDF/XML generated DCAT CKAN by default and in accordance with that consumes Federador of It also makes it the final file Federador needs, including the header of metadata and grouping the datasets of the portal which want to be published. You can configure also to upgrade the federated datasets on a regular basis.

We would like the software to be Useful to other sites and, of course, we encourage to make further improvements through the forge. Of course, since we will help the Opendata Cáceres deciding to use this software.

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