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The network system of registers more than eur 2 million for savings.

09 december 2014

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With 588.628 registration exchanged through the platform of record linkage (SIR) exceeds eur 2 million for savings since its inception.

At present with an average of 15,000 seats per week and a rate of digitisation 90 per cent, the beijing platform of record linkage cost savings of more than 2 million euros.

In addition to the economic savings electronic registration means greater efficiency in the management as the electronic exchanges, the reception at destination is produced few minutes after shipment in origin. The estimated savings in the electronic processing of a registered seat type is 4 euros compared to the hearing on paper.

To date december 2014 in SIR are the General state administration and the autonomous communities of Madrid, the canaries and Asturias, the diputació de Toledo and city councils of gijón and Torrent.

In the coming weeks following the signing of the collaboration of the Virtual record Office (ORVE), will be incorporated into SIR castile La-Mancha, La Rioja and Castilla y León. It is hoped that the valencian community firm around ORVE convention that would enable their citizens access to SIR.

As the rest of REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS to integrate into the network system of records will be achieved by all the potential of the beijing platform for more than 20,000 offices spanish public administrations will be interconnected with each other.

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