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The Free Software repository of Galicia was federa the forging of the centre of transfer of technology (CST)

16 april 2014

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This action will enable solutions for reuse released by the Xunta de Galicia will be joining the catalogue of technical solutions and may well be more easily traceable by all governments.

The Free Software repository of the Xunta de Galicia, located in Forge Mancomun and managed by the agency for technological upgrading of Galicia (Amtega), has been governed the repository of the centre of transfer of technology (CST) and forge partner.

This repository are already associated with the European Repository of free Software for public administrations, in order to facilitate the search for durable solutions for all european governments. In one more step to maximize the visibility and possible reuse of solutions launched the Amtega completed the necessary steps to partner with PTT.

The Repository of ptt is the national board of reusable applications offered by the state to all governments to facilitate these activities, in accordance with the royal decree 4/2010, which regulates the spanish national scheme of Interoperability in the area of E-government, assess the possible existence of reusable solutions for the development of new systems or services.

The forge Mancomun was born in 2007 was to make available to public entities, companies and individuals in an environment of cooperation for development of software projects. The galician forge is open for the development of open source projects, not only by the public administration, but by any other actor. The platform has almost 500 registered users and more than 250 projects, including projects that have promoted from within the administration, such as:

  • Product catalogue FLOSS Galicia Web Application of products and solutions available for consultation in free Software, managed by the demo center of government it.
  • Linux Kernel Project Abalar. An adaptation of the Linux kernel for equipment used in the project pursues Abalar integrating ict into the educational space.
  • Continental Project Rivers. Platform for vision and citizen participation based on geographic information systems. This is a voluntary initiative of the same name environmental Rivers project oriented platform.
  • XeoVisorMinimo. Web application to display data in a simple geographic.
  • Sectoral tools for surveys of tourism and hospitality establishments focused on the use of local authorities or companies.

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