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How to deploy government cloud securely?

27 November 2013

The European Agency of security of networks and information (ENISA) has published a good practice guide to deploy government actresses safely. Spain, together with United Kingdom and France, has been one of the first countries that has already begun to deploy a cloud infrastructure for the public sector.

This report analyzes ENISA member states with their corresponding governmental cloud infrastructures and underscores the diversity in the adoption of cloud computing in the public sector in Europe. Through this document ENISA aims to help member states in the development of a national strategy in the implantation of cloud computing to understand the current barriers. Furthermore, proposes solutions to overcome these barriers and to share best practices to establish a common set of requirements for all member states.

The first countries to deploy cloud solutions in the public sector are: the kingdom United, Spain and France. All of them have published a strategy of Cloud have detailed and specific implementation measures. Furthermore, there is increased awareness of the positive impact that can generate the cloud in the economy, so that national governments are conducting investments in both initiatives and activities for SMES as public bodies with very practical approaches.

An example of public service in cloud mode of the Spanish administration is the service of electronic invoice. It is a service of cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) offered since the network SARA. The conversion of SARA in the platform from which cloud services for the public sector began in 2012.

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