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The ministry of health, social services and equality introduced a new “ App ”, which provides information on the prevention of drug use

19 november 2013

The minister of health, social services and equality, Ana Mato, has given us this morning, a new software application, so-called “ national drug Plan ” to prevent the use of this type of psychoactive substances. This is a tool to smart phones and mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) to inform the general public about the risks of drug addiction and other substances without, as well as paragraphs for professionals. Has been developed in collaboration with fundación telefónica and the company Friar and Caves.

  • Pioneering initiative in the fight against drug addiction
  • The new “ App ”, first of these characteristics, incorporates an interactive map of the network of centres and other public resources throughout spain, as well as expert testimony on the impact of drugs
  • Includes information on legislation and on the merits of seized and, for professionals, provides information on the national drug Plan, studies, surveys and to the funding
  • The minister reaffirms its commitment to prevent drug consumption, especially among minors: “ We Want To use the means that dominate to come closer to them and their families and provide them with accurate and verified ”

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