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The 2300 post offices are integrated into ORVE

29 may 2013

Citizens may submit documentation electronically for any Administration since post offices thanks to its integration with ORVE

The secretary of State of Public Administrations, Antonio Beteta, and the president of the state, post and telegraph Javier Costs, have signed the convention ORVE-Correos today, for which any citizen may file its documents in any of the more than 2,300 post offices of the national territory, with disregard as to where the competent authority, and reducing their costs and guarantee of immediate reception of this documentation, thanks to digitization and referral telematics. Thus post offices become gateway to the administration.

The Office of the Virtual record of entities (ORVE), the ‘ Administration without papers', because it allows scanning of the documentation of the citizen registration offices, applying the digitization at window with full legal validity. Documentation is sent electronically to the office of destination, instantly, regardless of their geographical location or level of competent administration. The paper is returned to the citizen and, therefore, is not custody, or is filed, or redirects.

In this way, is achieved a significant reduction of cost, estimated at 3.5 per shipment, as well as time, both for the administration and to the citizen, as a document that took 16 days in moving to their duty station concerned now comes in 16 seconds.

The Office of the Virtual record of entities (ORVE) already enjoys the loyalty of the community of Madrid, where an estimated annual savings of eur 5 million, and the community in The Canary Islands, where we will save almost 2.5 million euros a year.

The accession of the communities of Madrid and the canary islands has led to more than 600 offices that all three levels of government in these regions, join now more than 2,300 offices of the state, post and telegraph that opened their doors to the citizen and even closer public administrations.

In addition, it is also an important gain for the citizens, to improve the service, the times and security, as well as its level of information, as in every time you may know the location of their registration and situation. And, therefore, since any office of the spanish post, reducing the digital divide between large and small municipalities.

The secretary of State was accompanied by the president of emails, Javier Costs, the director of strategy and business development, Óscar Medina, the director of institutional relations and coordination, josé Mª Mayorga, and the director general of Modernization, administrative, procedural and momentum of E-government, María Esther Arizmendi.

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