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Incremento del uso de la Plataforma de Intermediación de Datos en 2012

21 March 2013

The use of the brokerage Platform of data during the past year 2012 increases a 32,36% compared to 2011, with an increase of savings generated the citizen compared with the same period of 25,30%

In 2012, the platform brokerage of data has done more than 22.6 million valid data transmissions.

There are in production 107 agencies and 143 applications.

Se ofrecen mas de 29 servicios síncronos y 25 asíncronos, de 13 cedentes distintos.

The most significant data of the project are:

Number of information providers (assignors): 13 if it includes change of address
Number of data transmissions: 22.6 Million
Estimated saving the citizen: 51 Billion Euros
Number of services : 54 (29 25 and synchronous Asynchronous)
Increase of 2011-2012: data TX 32,36%
Increase of saving in the last year: 25,30%

For more information on the platform of intermediation of data:

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