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Applications for internal management of the ministry of justice

06 june 2013

The ministry of justice provides all the public authorities concerned a set of solutions for the internal management, which contribute to achieving a paperless administration.

The solutions available are:

PORTAFIRMAS: Tool to sign documents electronically available a sure way to validate these signatures and the integrity of the documents signed.
UNIQUE : System of unification and administrative information management.
STOCK : Management system for Publications.
CRETE : Audit of Technical Requirements Applications.
STORE : Shop on-line of sale of publications
GESVAL Management of permits and licenses.
RANGE : Management of supplies Warehouse
THE ROMANS : Management and Adequacy of units and Spaces
GPF : Formation processes
SIPAS : Payment system for Assistance

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Centre for technology transfer