Spain a l der in availability in the services of the administration electronic nica evaluated.


Spain leader in availability in the services of E-government evaluated.

"/> PAe - evaluation of the E-government in the european Union.
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Assessment of the E-government in the european Union.

05 june 2013

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Spain leader in availability in the services of E-government evaluated.

• Spain among the ten countries whose users prefer to and use the electronic channel to interact with the administration
• the results of the evaluation reaffirms the valuation of the positive international E-government in Spain in 2010

The european commission has published the results of its periodic analysis compares the development of E-government in the european union and associated states. At this eleventh edition of the study, the evaluation has not been focused on the analysis of availability of basic services such as the statement of income tax or penalty points driving widely introduced in all member states, but in the capacity of government administrations of different countries to meet the specific needs of citizens through E-government. Therefore, has been done on events of importance for businesses and citizens, i.e., sets of services associated with a necessity. The selected events have been the development of enterprises, the loss and search of work and study at the university. The ease of use of E-government model developed in Spain to meet the three selected events is above the community average in all of them.

In addition to the ease of use, have been assessed, inter alia, the following aspects of E-government of each member state: Focus on citizens' needs, availability of online services, the preference for the electronic channel, the effectiveness of services and the availability of key enabling to provide public services through The Internet. Spain is situated above the community average in all these areas. The results of Spain in availability of services and the special focus on the needs of users. In the area of the availability of services our country is a leader, while the focus on the needs of citizens in third position.

Within the evaluation by the european commission has also undertaken an online survey on E-government to Internet users in member states. The survey results put Spain in third position together with Denmark, sweden and turkey with regard to the use of E-government among internet users and 9th in the preference of use against the person channel within this group.

The results achieved by our country reflect the positive assessment of the spanish E-government at international level, confirming the trend towards improvement in the assessment of the european commission of the year 2010. In this edition, Spain was in eighth place in the availability of basic services. The analysis of the european commission, more complex than the made in past editions, would be followed throughout the year 2013. This year's events could be elaborated in the field of justice and health, among other sectors. The new events are vital in the process of selection by the european commission supported by a group of experts from member states in which spain is represented by the General directorate of Administrative Modernization, procedures and to foster E-government reports to the secretary of state of Public administrations.

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