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Free distribution since PAe UNE 139803:2012 accessibility requirements for Web content

25 february 2013

Through the Portal of E-government can be obtained free of this rule immensely to the websites of the public authorities.

The Standard UNE 139803:2012: Accessibility requirements for web content, is a spanish rule adopted recently (july 2012) which establishes the requirements of accessibility to the web content. In terms of its requirements, completely reference to patterns of Web content accessibility WCAG2.0 (Opens in new window) of the Initiative for Web accessibility (WAI) (Opens in new window) of Web consortium (W3C) (Opens in new window) therefore there is a direct equivalence between them.

In addition, the ministry of industry, tourism and energy adopted last 2 september a resolution (Opens in new window) en la que se especifica que la norma 139803:2012 sustituye a la norma 139803:2004

The state secretariat for Public Administrations, as part of its initiative Web accessibility observatory , has signed an agreement with AENOR for free distribution of this rule through the Portal of E-government.

Public awareness and free of this rule is intended to have an impact positively on the implementation of these new requirements of accessibility, especially in the websites of the public authorities.

Free download of the Standard UNE 139803:2012 can be carried out from:

  • Accessibility
  • Infrastructure and common services


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