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Updated Web services G-Inside

22 january 2013

The Web services G-Inside, enabling a new series of operations. It has tried to accommodate multiple needs of various agencies. In coming days the client G-Inside forms will be available to mainstream these new functions

Other developments include service

  • Adds information regarding the functionality of conversion of documents and records.
  • Add the functionalities of validation of documents and files ENI.
  • Adds the functionality of display ENI documents.
  • Add as the Electronic validation of documents ENI and visualization.
  • This forms the Electronic Brief operation validation ENI files.
  • Add as convertirExpedienteAEniConMAdicionales WS operations, convertirDocumentoAEniConMAdicionales, validarDocumentoEniFile, validarExpedienteEniFile and visualizarDocumentoEni.
  • The new types and associated schemes.
  • It adds, in the documentation, annex II, with examples of petition and SOAP responses to the methods of the Web Service.

The specification of comprehensive services is available in the Downloads section of InSide .

  • Interoperability
  • Centre for technology transfer