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The Country of Guardamar implanted successfully e-government in the town hall.

29 january 2013

The implementation of the E-government in Guardamar del Segura has rated Success by Espúblico, the supplier of this service in more than 500 municipalities throughout the world.

Those responsible for Espúblico "highlights the strong momentum since the departments of Secretariat and intervention, strengthened since town hall, to extend the processing and electronic signature among workers of the city hall, who have shown great resilience and" work.

The project started in september 2012, shortly after the accession of the city of Guardamar to Plan for the modernization of the municipalities of the province of Alicante, and in record time, at the beginning of december, almost all administrative files were managed in the town hall, were electronic level.

The implementation of the E-government allows, among other advantages, a considerable saving of role in the domestic procedures, now at avoiding a multitude of electronic copies among the various municipal departments, which have access to documents through computers. The computer system in addition, a vast improvement all documentació municipal and speeds up the processing of administrative records, to improve the response time of the local administration to the requests of citizens.

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