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The board of castile and León completes the reform of the administration to save an additional 45 million

13 december 2013

The board of castile and León completed in the first half of 2014 the reform of the home rule authority with a set of 66 measures and savings of $45 million for the citizens of the community in the institutional area, simplification, reduction of duplication and electronic workflow.

The plan of restructuring of the public sector has led to savings of €18.1 million as at the end of this year will be cancelled 18 entities, half of those who had in 2011. In 15 such bodies the board did not hold decision-making powers. Since the beginning of the electronic administration, in 2006, the saving amounts to $241 million, to be added 25 the new measures.

The consolidation of ICT infrastructure of the administration with the launching of a data processing centre Only will save eur 2.5 million. In Addition, in paragraph of the public sector, the board reduced the 1.5 million contribution to the foundation for Century arts and tourism.

56% Of the proceedings before the administration may be processed electronically in incorporating 273 new in the first quarter of 2014, which will join the 388. Electronic communications will be the only means of communication between organs and units of the board Will Have a comprehensive platform for Electronic Contracting and will be introduced and Virtual Office of the General Fund.

Additional measures in the public sector pass through the possible integration of catalan Centre of Castilla y León in another legal entity under the community and Provincial Foundation for social services of Burgos.

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