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Spain ranks second in the ranking of ePSI RISP Platform

30 april 2013

Spain took a second ranking RISP

The initiative EPSI platform (Opens in new window) for the reuse of information has recently published the ranking of countries of the european commission (Opens in new window) according to their reuse information of the pubic sector (RISP).

This ranking is established according to a set of indicators to measure the impact of policies and practices in this area. In particular, the seven aspects that the Contents by the directive are as follows:

  • Situation of the country with regard to the transposition of directive 2003/98/Ec.
  • Implementation of policies for reuse.
  • Concepts related to the formats which provide public information.
  • Policy on charging of fees.
  • Measures for the control of exclusive agreements.
  • Availability of regional and local catalogues open database.
  • Holding of national and international events.

According to this index, spain took a second, behind the United kingdom. Special mention requires the score in the paragraphs relating to the transposition of the directive to the legal framework spanish as well as aspects relating to the provision of data sets in open formats in catalogues and structured national, regional and local partners, always to communities of practice.

  • Open government
  • Centre for technology transfer