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Andalucia is the autonomous community site according to a better analysis undertaken by Compuware.

29 october 2012

The website of the Junta de andalucía is offering a better overall performance in terms of availability, response time and consistency of the whole range of governmental sites map autonomic spanish, as an analysis undertaken by the company Compuware.

This company has reviewed the websites of the 17 autonomous and Ceuta and Melilla between 1 september and 1 october this year.

According to the study, the autonomous city of Ceuta, the community of Madrid, the board of andalusia and The Basque Government are the four sites that provide better availability for users, the ratio for all of them 100 per cent. The availability of the capacity of a web page to load correctly, no matter how long it takes to do so. According to the analysis of Compuware, the average availability of websites of the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS is located in the 99.54%. Only fall short of this percentage the Generalitat Valenciana, Govern the Balearic Islands and the autonomous city of Melilla.

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