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The General Directorate of Administrative Procedures, and encouraging the E-government participates in the steering committee of the strategy of Cloud Computing of the european Union.

23 november 2012

On 19 november 2012 was established in Brussels the steering committee of the european association of Cloud Computing (European Cloud Partnership, CCA). The objective is to empower the collaboration between public authorities and the private sector in order to contribute to the creation of a Digital Único Market in the area of Cloud Computing.

Both the private sector and the public sector of our country are part of This Steering Committee represented, respectively, through and the General directorate of Administrative Procedures, and to foster E-government, ministry of finance. The Public Authorities involved in the committee together with Spain with france, Estonia, Austria, netherlands, poland and norway. The participation of Spain in the steering committee of the association is a recognition of the close collaboration with the european commission in the Area of E-government, participating in the Group of experts of the European action Plan in the committee how ISA, as well as the excellent positioning of our country in this type of new technologies, which is absolutely essential that europe has the leadership.

The Steering Committee will be an advisory Body to the Vice-President Kroes, responsible for europe's Digital Agenda, during the implementation of the “ European Strategy of Cloud Computing ”, and it is chaired by the president of the government of Estonia, given the importance and high level which gives the eu in this Area. The “ European Strategy of Cloud Computing ” aims at promoting the use of this technological model for european public administrations, removing barriers to this place, such as the lack of common standards and the need to strengthen the legal instruments in the area of personal data protection and public procurement. More specifically, the steering committee will advise the european commission about the actions to deploy in the practice and research to achieve these objectives, to meet for two or three times a year. How To support of its functions, the steering committee may hold consultations with agencies or industrial world experts, teachers or the government.
There are also working groups in the orbit of these groups, and framework programmes with specific jobs in order to ensure that in a short period of time the european union to be a competitive player point of reference in this area of technology in future.

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