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GRAIL - managing resources and income with the autonomous communities and local governments

20 june 2012

The AEAT made available to the AAPP GRAIL system

The project of the GRAIL AEAT, designed in collaboration with other regional administrations and local levels, of which the functional specifications, facilitates the “ management of resources and income with the autonomous communities and local governments ” through the integrated management of its processes and is intended to cover inter alia, the following strategic objectives:

a) facilitate the fulfilment of tax obligations.
(b) Strengthen the assistance and guidance to the citizen.
(c) Control agents involved in the circuit prosecutor.
(d) the timely detection noncompliance.
(e) to use efficiently the resources available.
(g) to build trust between forced.
(h) to streamline and standardize the administration.
(i) ensure effective inclusion of information, people and processes, linked to strategic considerations and competitiveness of the institution.
(j) Make and allow the adaptability to environmental changes, and the design of information to manage the system.
(k) Conexionar openly and automatically with other agencies and/or systems.

This structure documentation, which unites the experiences of all projects provided by the technical and expert users in each of the subsystems, managers, plans and tools that make up the grail; and the AEAT places at the disposal of tax administrators who need it, through the CTT-Pae

For more information on the initiative PTT GRAIL