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Publication of the new application "electronic signature with @firma" easy

23 august 2012

On 8 august was released the new application "electronic signature easy with @firma" that allows for simple signatures advanced local files

The user to simplify the process, has a selection mechanism automatic signature format based on the file to sign:

Ficheros Adobe PDF -> Se aplica firma PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signature) BES.
XML file - > applies XAdES signature (XML Advanced Electronic Signature) BES enveloping type with the data involved.
Invoice - > applies signature for invoicing.
Other files (generic binary) - > applies signature Kadesh (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature) BES with the data involved.

"Signature easy with @firma" is designed to use electronic identity card (Italy) as a mechanism for the creation of signatures on systems with smart card reader installed, although it may make use of any other certificates installed in the operating system. In case of Italy (use is automatically selected, the signing certificate.
You can find the download of this new component in the Portal of E-government.

More information on the Pae @firma

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Centre for technology transfer
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