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KZgunea celebrates its tenth anniversary

30 september 2011

Starts a new stage which will boost electronic administration, free software and computer science in the cloud

With a long track record in literacy basque society on the Internet and digital environments, the network of the basque government, KZgunea, began its second decade with new challenges: social innovation through the development of technological skills.

It has extensive experience in the formative, involving more than 365 citizens and a training catalogue constantly updated with more than 100 courses focused on ict, e-administración, Internet security and free software among others.

Direct contact with users, has confirmed the project and has given him the necessary impetus to address the challenges that today's society demands. In this new phase, KZgunea made a firm commitment by e-government, to participate with METAPOSTA and Digital certificate of Eid in the area of training and dissemination through courses and high attendance.

Free Software and computer science in the cloud is another of her bets. Universalize new technologies and create a society with wide digital skills is one of the premises of KZgunea and these two concepts are perfect partners to advance this objective.

To attaining its new proposals has been surrounded by a collaborative environment strong and effective. Since 2008 KZgunea association of Community Telecentre networks, which allows you to participate in numerous projects with telecentre networks from other autonomous communities.

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