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Further reports for managers of initiatives

19 september 2011

Descripción de modo de acceso a informes de uso de iniciativas

See the success of your initiative in the cst

The managers of any initiative in the cst have the potential to generate reports of consultation and use of its initiative to provide them with useful information with regard to the interest is waking up its initiative in the cst.

The reports available for the period of time selected are:

  • Download blog. Contains an entry for each of checkouts from “ download area ” – recording details (who, when and how) of the download.
  • Access and downloads. Contains an entry with aggregated data for each day of the timeframe specified. There are the number of accesses (informal) to each of the tabs at the initiative and the number of downloads of files from the download area.

Statistical data are available 1 june 2011 .

Access to these “ reports ” is carried out, once authenticated with your username, since the entry “ My initiatives ”. For each of the initiatives of which is the administrator will be the link “ reports ”, “ see links initiative ” and “ administration ”.