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Interoperability and connectivity in the Catalan Public Administrations

26 october 2011

Collaboration between all the catalan public administrations, nations for the common objective of facilitating the E-government, get great results

The catalan public administrations, both the government of the Generalitat as local entities, have a long tradition of collaboration in different areas of public life in the electronic administration materialise in 2001 in the “ compact for the promotion and development of the information society in the Catalan Public Administrations ”. This pact was the seeds for the operationalization of the AOC Consortium, as an instrument in the service of the catalan civil service to facilitate and to make more effective electronic administration.

The Catalan Model of Interoperability (MCI) is the creation of an organizational model, functional, legal and technological advice common to all of the catalan AAPP, to allow exchange of data between them, certificates and documents by electronic means and improving their efficiency and effectiveness in promoting the interoperability of their information systems. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the requirement of law 11/2007 which specifies that citizens should not provide data or documents that are already held power of the administration. The MCI must be looked at with 2 key areas:

  1. Aspects jurídicos-organizativos materialize in the framework convention of Interoperability – CMI, signed in october 2006, which could join any Local Administration.
  2. The technical aspects are resolved through the services offered by the technology platforms corporate PICA and VIA OBERTA
  • PICA is the platform of the catalan Generalitat offer all data and certificates that are managed by the Generalitat.
  • VIA OBERTA platform run from the Consortium that AOC and allows the interconnection with all the relevant local. Via Oberta in turn is connected with PICA and with systems offered by the General state administration for the replacement of certificates.

Another key piece related to the Catalan Model of Interoperability is Extranet of the Catalan Public Administrations . Since the accession to the framework convention of Interoperability is the connection to the Extranet. The EACAT offers three basic functions:

Interadministrativa processing (link to “ Extranet of the catalan AAPP ”) must use between the government and local entities.
E-government services the whole of the catalan civil service, as e-NOTUM (notifications), you ’ re (electronic register), etc.
Interoperability node among the different public administrations through Via Oberta

This model has been possible to consolidate it and even greater force and push through Law 29/2010 of use of electronic communications in the public sector in catalonia (LUMESPC) that sets out the legal framework for the use of these electronic means for the entities, bodies and agencies that are members of the public sector in catalonia in order to enhance transparency, effectiveness and quality in the relations between the public sector and with citizens.

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