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24 October 2011

During the last quarter Spain has been the country that more traffic hits has generated and that have been made more encaminamientos from the national portal 060 towards the portal Your Europa.

This is due to the effort made by the editorial committee English in the negotiation with other agencies to the inclusion of links of your Europa in his portals after The European Commission request to member countries the inclusion of links to the portal Your Europa from their national portals.

Your Europa, the official website for information and assistance from the European Union (Opens in new window) went online in English last March.
In Your Europa you will find all the information you need to live, travel, study, work or doing business in other countries of the HAT. This site is updated and clear information about your rights Europeans and a multitude of examples based in real life as well as advice and warnings to help you avoid administrative problems in other countries of the HAT.

Your Europa contains information in the areas of work, residence, travel, education, health, family, vehicles and consumption may be useful in a personal and professional Level.

Through your Europa you can also access free assistance services will advise you on your specific case or help find solutions if your European rights are not respected in other countries of the HAT. The European Commission and national authorities provide the contents published in Your Europa.

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