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Second phase of the campaign E-government.

31 may 2011

The second phase of the campaign of information and dissemination of electronic administration.

@dministración. All services in your hand

The state secretary for Public Service, Consuelo Rumí and the representative of the government in andalusia, Luis García Garrido, have presented today in almeria the national campaign of information and outreach to promote the use of electronic services at the General state administration (AGE) on the part of the citizens and businesses.

With the slogan “ @dministración. All services in your hand ”, the ministry of Territorial policy and public administration launched this campaign on 7 march, and after the electoral quotient resumed with the aim of developing this until the month of november.

The campaign aims to give new impetus to the use of electronic services and comprises, among other actions, through a national programme of more than 2,000 outreach days to show citizens in a practical way, in the offices of the issue of the heads of Italy and trafficking, the possibilities of electronic services at the administration. In the case of Andalusia, there are plans for 240 days in all provincial capitals from today and for more than a month.

A team of trainers will show the benefits of the use of the 2.300 AGE services that are already accessible viewed, and which represent 99% of the procedures of the state administration. In these meetings will be displayed, for example, how to use the portal (Opens in new window) where they are available, all public services by electronic raw and groups of citizens. Furthermore, it is foreseen that throughout the country surrender over 100,000 readers of Electronic identity card and 140,000 information brochures on the initiative.

Also envisaged is online advertising campaigns, with advertisements in digital media in major Internet search engines, as well as audiovisual promotions in the canal Metro (Madrid and Barcelona) and national lotteries and bets (LAE).

Information campaign and dissemination of electronic administration.

  • The Ministry of Territorial policy and Public Administration launched the second phase of the campaign of information and outreach with the slogan ‘ @dministración. All services in your hand ’ to promote the use of electronic services between the public
  • Currently, 99 per cent of the procedures of state administration may be conducted by electronic means
  • In 2010, more than 1.5 million andaluces aged 16-74 years used the network to communicate with public administrations
  • Spain ranks ninth world and the fifth here, according to the report “ e-Government 2010 ” of the UN

Safe, quick and easy.

With the e-administración, peoples obtain information and accessing electronic public services in a safe, secure, fast, convenient and simple way from anywhere and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. this way, it enhances the effectiveness of measures, procedures are simplified and reduced bureaucratic times and administrative burdens.

Through the internet can carry out proceedings in connection with certificates of working life, birth, marriage and death certificates, drafts of the declaration of income or pension benefits. You can also apply for unemployment benefit, to accede to offers of employment, consult electoral census data or points of your driving licence, as well as for their vat or know and make the administrative procedures for setting up a business, to mention just a few countries.

In the field of housing, you can request a simple note of the property and cadastral data. In addition, the e-administración allows you to bring complaints before the police for prior citations for the renewal of the Nac and passport. Equally, young people are eligible for scholarships and school assistance.

These and other services are available at (Opens in new window) . From this website, you also have access to the microsite of the campaign (Opens in new window) with the 20 most requested services for citizens and with a direct space to access formalities and procedures that more demanding and used.

Use of telematic services in Andalusia.

In 2010, more than 1.5 million people residing in Andalusia used the network to communicate with public administrations, according to the national institute of statistics (INE). Of these, 42.5 per cent did so in obtaining information from websites of the administration; 25.5 per cent to download forms available and 18.7 per cent to send completed forms.

In the enterprise level andaluz, more than 65% of companies with internet connection interacted in 2009 with the public administration through the network. Of these, 58.7 per cent obtained information through electronic means, 60.5 per cent off-loaded official forms and almost 46 per cent returned filled this documentation.

In the number of DNI-e issued, at the national level there are already more than 21 million citizens who have the new id card. The digital identification is one of the pillars of E-government and guarantees full citizenship confidentiality and security in the development of procedures and procedures of public services.

Eapaña, among the most advanced countries.

The report “ e-Government ” of the UN 2010 reveals that the development of the E-government in Spain has been a marked evolution in recent years, which puts us in a leading position in the international context. Of the post was 39 in 2005 to the ninth global position and the fifth at european level in e-administración. The study measures the level of penetration of electronic services, development of telecommunications infrastructure, as well as qualified human capital in this area. Our country is situated in the fifth global position effectiveness, functionality and operationalizing the portals of public services of telematic access.

Moreover, the evaluation by the European Commission in december 2010 also confirms the achievement of the public service telematics in spain. Thus, the level of availability and sophistication of the 20 basic electronic services exceeds the eu average.

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