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New version of the system of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations (SSD-AAPP v4)

23 february 2011

The Standing Committee of the high council of E-government (CPCSAE), at its meeting on the 16th, approved the new version of the system of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations (SSD-AAPP v4)

Together with the adoption of version 4 of the system of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations (SSD-AAPP), the CPCSAE recommended to the Members and the ministerial Committees E-government, dissemination and use of proceeds to its departments and promote the participation of staff in the course “ SSD-AAPP: A framework of confidence and transparency in decision-making of the Public administrations ”, Code: 1279 were due next month may, within the Training Plan INAP 2011 (Opens in new window) and whose registration expires on 24 february.

The new version of the tool, is particularly adapted to the public Sector contracts law, but can be used in various functional areas such as the granting of awards or the assessment of compliance of objectives. Applies to all decision-making processes in the necessary analytical procedure and mathematical calculations to allow for the coherent management different solutions or alternatives, especially when required, the measurement and aggregation of variables heterogeneous.

The SSD-AAPP v.4, exclusive use of the Public Administrations, is available for Microsoft platforms and Macintosh, Linux and provides advanced features such as:

  • To facilitate that several persons, physically dispersed, cooperate to solve the same problem, the public information sharing and preserving the privacy of which is reserved.
  • Integrated into the product, both the valuation methodology, i.e. the guidelines to address the problem, as the reasons and comments which each evaluator to claim to support each of their views.
  • Promote the monitoring and consolidation of work for the part of the user responsible for the decision-making process.
  • To obtain, automatically, a set of reports documenting and illustrate all stages of the decision-making process, since the design of the problem until its final resolution.

In order to simplify the SSD-AAPP tool, for this new version, select only some of the techniques of calculation, from several that can be implemented within the decision theory Multicriterio Discreet (DMD) that supports this and previous versions.

The product and its documentation, has been incorporated into the catalogue of initiatives Centre for technology transfer (PTT) in the Portal of E-government (PAe): SSD-AAPP .

Source: CPCSAE