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The release of 4.01 SSD-AAPP and making available to the private sector

29 december 2011

The Standing Committee of the high council of E-government has approved the publication of version 4.01 of Support to the decision of the Public administrations.

This new version, which is available in the centre for technology transfer, incorporates features of loading and unloading mass data. Also improves the installation process by detecting previous installations, in which case make an update of the implementation, protecting and maintaining the information stored by the user.

It was agreed to make this product available to the private sector, free of charge, to be a condition that the companies concerned are recorded in the Portal of E-government ( PAe ) and that subsequently, as a registered user, requesting full access to the SSD-AAPP community that is located in the tab of the PAe eColabora.

More information on the initiative PAe SSD-AAPP


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