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Accesses - Collaboration between administrations

04 November 2010

Newly introduced in shaping the application Accesses CTT developed by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration for managing its headquarters and electronic procedures and constitutes a model of collaboration between public administrations to software development.

The application, developed in PHP, use open source products (linux, apache and mysql) for the provision of service. This special configuration has enabled this software, initially developed to the particular case of the ministry of Territorial Policy and public administration, can be used by other public administrations at a cost of implantation much smaller than other solutions.
Indeed, at this moment are already in production and in several facilities pre-explotación electronic headquarters using the application ACCESSES. You can get more information in the pages of the project:
Moreover, another point especially noteworthy and innovative in the area of public administrations, is that a number of institutions involved have decided to collaborate on the future evolution of the application. this way, from the ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation and from the overall direction for the momentum of E-government are developing some additional functionality that will join the application ACCESSES so that all institutions can benefit from these improvements.
Encourage you to undertake such initiatives in other public administrations, especially now that budgetary constraints are subjecting the start of production of new services. As support for them, from the center of technology transfer, we offer the functionalities of forge collaborative development are at your disposal for those interested administrations.

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