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CTT reshuffle

29 December 2010

Last December 30 has been put into production the Portal of the E-government - PAe.

This portal aims to serve as a reference centre of E-government for all professionals, acting as a centralized point of knowledge and new channel on the E-government. For this reason, has been integrated into this new environment the center of technology transfer -CTT, as the basis of knowledge on initiatives and projects of electronic administration

At this time the new centre of technology transfer features 2 technological environments in which work according to your needs.

  • The CTT-PAe environment or directory CTT initiatives is the right place to find an initiative, project or/and service for reuse in your administration. In this environment is available information divulgativa of all initiatives contained in the CTT and offers different options for download and collaboration in them.
  • El entorno de la forja-CTT (, es un entorno de desarrollo colaborativo para aplicaciones de las administraciones públicas en el que pueden participar activamente administraciones, empresas y particulares. Cuenta con funcionalidades de descargas, documentos, novedades, foros, registros de incidencias, bugs, sugerencias, encuestas, distribución de tareas, listas de distribución de correo y gestión del código fuente.

We hope that all these changes are useful for you all. If you detect some mistakes you any incidence or you want to make any suggestion of improvement do not hesitate to contact our support service: forge

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