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PAe - The European Commission initiates a support centre for data exchange
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The European Commission initiates a support centre for data exchange

04 September 2019

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This is a website designed to governments, businesses and citizens in general, focused on investigate and report on the practices of exchange of data and those elements that influence their Success.

The “ Center of support for the exchange of data (Opens in new window) ” ( Support center for Data Sharing o SCDS) es una nueva iniciativa financiada por la Comisión Europea con el objetivo de impulsar el ecosistema de datos europeos. Se trata de un sitio web dirigido a gobiernos, empresas y ciudadanos en general, enfocado en  investigar e informar sobre las prácticas de intercambio de datos y aquellos elementos que influyen en su éxito. Con ello se busca facilitar que organismos públicos o privados pongan sus datos a disposición de los ciudadanos y de otras organizaciones (públicas o privadas) para su reutilización, independientemente del modelo elegido para ello. 

We must not confuse the “ center of support for data-sharing ” with a data portal open. The SDC focuses its efforts in collecting, develop and disseminate tools and technical expertise, as well as providing practical support for transactions of data, but does not data and metadata at the service of citizens. The European portal open data will remain the European Data Portal (Opens in new window) .

Currently available a first version of the web. The advanced version will be launched in the autumn and include the following sections – some of which are already available:

  • Information on what is the exchange of data and the benefits that entails, as the increase of performance and the value of the services or improvement of decision-making.

  • Technical guidance, focused on three Areas: Application programming Interfaces (API), data security and traceability and clear identification of data sources. In addition to a support service, the SCDS will provide a section of Widgets and tools (Opens in new window) created by third parties to share data in real life.

  • Legal orientation, which includes studies on the legislation of the HAT applicable to the exchange of non-personal information, Challenges transversal and possible strategies resolution, including good practices and interpretative guidance. On the web also be offered models of contractual terms.

  • Success stories in the exchange of data, through the experience of companies like the Dutch JoinData (Opens in new window) , which stimulates innovation sustainable in the agricultural sector to enable farmers to share their data quickly, easily and safely.

  • News and events. The web compile-related news and events, which will enable users to know the latest trends and opportunities in the exchange of data.

  • A forum (Opens in new window)  en el que los usuarios tendrán la oportunidad de intercambiar conocimientos y experiencias. 

The idea is to create a participatory environment and in continuous evolution, which is adapted to the needs of re-users of data. For this, it has enabled a contact form (Opens in new window) , que permitirá a la comunidad de profesionales del dato y cualquier ciudadano que lo desee compartir sus dudas y opiniones.

With this initiative the European commission search continuing the digital single market (Opens in new window) , brindando un entorno único para la comunidad de profesionales de datos y que contribuya al crecimiento económico y social de la región.

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