PAe - ORVE meets all the requirements in terms of Records under the law 39/2015
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ORVE meets all the requirements in terms of Records under the law 39/2015

25 October 2019


ORVE account with the functionalities needed to be completely adapted to the law 39/2015, providing an interoperable electronic registration and interconnected.

The registration shared service ORVE (Virtual registry office) of the SGAD (General Secretariat of Digital Administration) allows the exchange between the registration OAMR (assistance offices of Rows).

Earlier ORVE only performed the exchange of registration with other administrations integrated into SIR (network system of Rows).

Since November 2018, ORVE does not require any additional application to provide the full service registry to a public administration as provided in Article 16 of the law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations.

ORVE also allows the realization of seats of entry for the agency itself (presentations in its window for themselves) and exits for citizens, companies and other administrations that are not yet integrated into SIR.
Moreover ORVE offers web services that are suitable for integration with other applications of management of using administrations ORVE as registration and with the electronic headquarters of those administrations. Available query web services to extract information and web services ORVE log with the point registal annotation and eventually sending by SIR.

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