PAe - EMMA, the new solution for the control of access to network infrastructure
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EMMA, the new solution for the control of access to network infrastructure

15 october 2019

The solution is designed to speed up the display of assets in a network, the authentication and segregation, as well as the automation of security audits of infrastructure.

The National Cryptologic centre (Opens in new window) (CCN), in collaboration with the company Open Cloud Factory, EMMA, have launched a new solution designed for the control of access to network infrastructure. With it, the NCC is intended to enable the organizations complete visibility of the ozone network access (routers, switches, access points, drivers, etc.), a crucial point to verify who or what is connected in a network. All at a time like the present, in which security models require a strict verification of identity for each person and device (they are inside or outside the perimeter) and that it is more difficult to monitor all assets (different physical locations data-centers or suppliers).

Once you have the visibility and control of the electronic network should be a bastionado.

In addition, if you do not have automated management of network devices, bastionado and continuous monitoring of their security can be a difficult task to deploy.

The solution EMMA allows, inter alia, the following:

  • Access controls to all the devices according to their context and rationale of the business (authenticating by identity/entity, 2FA, etc.).
  • Implement segmentation dynamically to reducing the size of attack, isolate critical devices and respond to attacks centrally.
  • The pursuit of security baselines, both in the network devices such as an.
  • Integration with ROCIO to contrast the configurations of network devices, centrally, with the national security.
  • Establish a process to monitor any deviation.
  • Create dashboards proactively with all data on CMDB.
  • To give visibility, context and all the devices in IT/OT.

The installation of EMMA

The installation of EMMA requires two virtual machines (Core and Analytics) and optionally a third (Sensor). Information guide CCN issued CCN-STIC corresponding may installation requirements. Similarly, a meeting will be scheduled in the beijing platform for online training of VANESA CCN-CERT,.

Its development stem from the need to integrate ROCIO control solutions for the deployment in isolated systems EMMA is one of its own solutions of audit of the Centre national Cryptologic, together with the above-mentioned ROCIO (implementation of security in routers and switches), ANA (Opens in new window) (Automation and Standardisation of Audits), PILLAR (Opens in new window) (risk analysis), CLEAR (Opens in new window) (compliance with the NHIS/CALLED “ CONSPICUOUS ” RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS of Windows Systems) and INÉS (Opens in new window) (State report of the security council in the NHIS), to facilitate all those responsible for the analysis of its equipment and systems.

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