PAe INES - will be available for loading data on 15 october 2004
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The INES solution will be available for loading data on 15 october 2004

08 october 2019

The report, which is in progress since the year 2014, is the tool to identify and assess the status of the security of ICT in the public Sector and its alignment with national insurance Scheme (NHIS). All the organizations of the public sector must countries.

On 15 october will provide access to all public Sector agencies to update or include their data in the platform INES (National Report of the state of The Security Council) (Opens in new window) . This is required by article 35 of the royal decree 3/2010, of 8 january, which regulates the national security (ENS), which establishes the obligation to assess regularly the state of the security of information and communication of the public Sector and the need to establish a system of measurement.

This year, the platform INES includes new features that will help to understand and manage the state of the security of information:

  • The agencies will have capacity for monitoring of their subsidiaries to know their status and security needs.
  • It will include a new module of analysis where you will be able to draw conclusions and follow-up for the participation and the rule of the agency in real time.
  • It will include a new module simplified Risk agencies will be able to find rapidly the vulnerabilities and threats of their ICT systems.
  • With the objective of promoting the continuous improvement and management of security, INES will remain open as a platform to enable the agencies can update your data and indices of ICT security throughout the year.

To facilitate this task, the Centre National Cryptologic (CCN) available to all agencies a INES online course (Opens in new window) , videos on the VANESA platform (Opens in new window) the two guides, CCN-STIC relating to the tool: Guide 824 INES (Opens in new window) and Guide of INES 844 Manual (Opens in new window) .

The agencies that have not yet entered into the INES in previous years may register by sending an email to ines@ccn-cert.cni.es, was a need for the pre-registration in the private party CCN-CERT portal.


Together with the obligation to load your data in INES, public sector bodies to which we must apply the NHIS are obliged to obtain the necessary statement or certification of conformity, and should give publicity to be a hallmark of security of those who are creditors, obtained in the implementation of the national security.

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