PAe - the solution INES will be available for loading data from 15 October
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The solution INES will be available for loading data from 15 October

08 October 2019

El Informe, que viene elaborándose desde el año 2014, es la herramienta para conocer y evaluar el estado de la seguridad de los sistemas TIC del Sector público y su adecuación al Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS). Todos los organismos del sector público deben cumplimentarlo.

El 15 de octubre se habilitará el acceso para que todos los organismos del Sector público actualicen o incluyan por primera vez sus datos en la plataforma  INES (national report of the state of security) (Opens in new window) . So requires article 35 of the royal decree 3/2010, of January 8th, that regulates the National security Scheme (NHIS), which establishes the obligation to regularly assess the state of the security of the systems of information technologies and communication of the public Sector and the need to establish a measurement system.

This year, the platform INES account with new features that will help to understand and manage the state of the security of information systems:

  • Los organismos contarán con capacidades de supervisión de sus entidades dependientes para conocer su estado y necesidades de seguridad.
  • Will include a new module for data analysis where you can draw conclusions and track participation and the state of the security of the agencies in real time.
  • Will include a new module of risk analysis, where agencies Simplified may learn quickly vulnerabilities and threats of their systems TIC.
  • With the aim of encouraging constant improvement and management of security, INES will remain open as platform for agencies to update your data and learn about their safety indexes TIC throughout the year.

To facilitate this task, the National PKIX Centre (CCN) makes available to all agencies a online INES course (Opens in new window) , videos of aid in the VANESA platform (Opens in new window) the two guides CCN-STIC related to the tool: Guide 824 INES (Opens in new window) and Manual guide INES 844 (Opens in new window) .

The agencies that have not yet entered data in the INES in previous years may register sending an email to ines@ccn-cert.cni.es, still require prior registration in the closed part of CCN-CERT portal.

Accordance with ENS

Next to the obligation to load your data in INES, public sector agencies which applies the ENS are required to obtain the corresponding declaration or certification of conformity, and should publicize of the hallmarks of security of those who are creditors, obtained with regard to compliance with national security Scheme.

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