PAe - published a new version of installable of Portafirmas
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Published a new version of installable of Portafirmas

30 may 2019

Portafirmas is the application that enables you to incorporate the electronic signature in workflows in an organization, as well as download signatures and generate reports of the same.

Portafirmas is offered in two models for use:

  • As a distributable or source code for the Administration conduct its own user installation.
  • As a service in the cloud through SARA Network.

Como principales novedades de la nueva versión del distribuible, cabe destacar, la posibilidad de definir usuarios validadores para peticiones de firma, enviadas por las aplicaciones que se integran con el Portafirmas. Asimismo, se ha ampliado la funcionalidad de generación de plantillas, de manera que se permite crear plantillas incorporando usuarios de diferentes sedes.

Furthermore, they have improved the generation of QR codes of the reports of signature that can be downloaded at the Portafirmas. With this new version of QR, allows users to collate the reports of signing a QR code reader, automatically from the point of Access, without the need to introduce the verification Code (CSV).

For detailed information on developments provided you can check Portafirmas solution of the PTT.

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Centre for technology transfer
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