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Seat works in Internet

10 May 2019

Access to the Portal Operates through Internet, with the creation of the branch, allow access to information and services from any location and device

Works is a portal that provides information and services of interest to all staff of the General administration of the state (AGE).

In last April launched Seat Works (Opens in new window) en Internet. Esta Sede permite acceso a los servicios del área personal del Works Portal (Opens in new window) , among which are: consultation of payroll, personal file and access to data of the pension scheme. Shortly be added in addition new services of application of procedures of human resources.

Until now, the Portal works only was accessible from jobs located on the premises of the administration, since it disseminated through the network SARA. This prevents access to staff who was not in offices, for being on leave, retirement or work stoppages. Thus, the headquarters Works, accessible via the Internet services complement allows the Portal Operates in SARA Network.

Access to Works from the Internet was an ancient demand, both public employees, as the union centrals and personnel units. This new channel aims to facilitate and increase the use of electronic means by public employees in the proceedings performed with the administration.

More information in the solution works the CTT.

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