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Available the standard UNE-EN 301549:2019 in the PAe

16 May 2019

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Through the Portal of E-government available this rule very useful for accessibility TIC in public administrations.

El 21 de diciembre de 2018 la Comisión Europea publicó la Implementation decision (HAT) 2018/2048 of the committee, 20 December 2018, on the harmonised applicable to the websites and applications for mobile devices (Opens in new window) drafted in support of the Directive (HAT) 2016/2102 (Opens in new window) del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo. Esta decisión aplica al contexto español a través del "1112/2018 (Opens in new window) .

Con la publicación de esta decisión se establece que el estándar de aplicación para el cumplimiento de los requisitos es la norma (Opens in new window) which, in its Spanish version includes norm UNE-EN 301-549:2019, accessibility requirements of products and services TIC . This is why, which is considered necessary to facilitate their access free of charge so that it can be accessed by all Spanish public administrations.

This is possible thanks to an agreement between the secretariat of state of Public Function (SEFP) and AENOR (Opens in new window) for the dissemination of this rule. This document is available through the Portal of E-government:


With the publication of this rule is intended to help both developers and evaluators mobile applications and web pages in accessibility , as individuals responsible evaluations of accessibility, normally auditors or consultants to ensure compliance with the accessibility requirements.

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