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PAe - new version of KINGS, the solution to the CCN-CERT to share information on cyber threats
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Nueva versión de REYES, la solución del CCN-CERT para compartir información de ciberamenazas

18 March 2019


Esta solución, destinada a todas aquellas organizaciones que cuentan con un certificado del Sistema de Alerta Temprana en Internet (SAT-INET), agiliza la labor de análisis de incidentes al obtener información contextualizada y correlada con las principales fuentes de información existentes, tanto públicas como privadas.

The CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) has submitted KINGS 3.0, a new version of the solution that streamlines the work of analysis of incidents to obtain information contextualized and correlada with the main sources of information available, both public and private.

Among its novelties, is a new interface that offers a more information and structured grouped by facilitating the work of analysis and a new engine of intelligence, in addition to new sources of information.

Through this portal centralized information, available for organizations attached to their early warning systems SAT, can be any investigation quickly and easily, coming from a single platform to the most valuable information about ciberincidentes.

The kernel of information of kings is based on technology MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform), which are enriched with external sources of public and private information for streamlining the prevention and response to incidents. Thanks to this kernel of information, and the federated with international agencies, through KINGS access to great privileged information.

Another advantage outstanding of kings is that, after processing and analyse information through the graph of association or intelligence, creating relations between the different indicators and events that allow the zu analyst between different indicators to establish a fuller picture of the attacker and infrastructure that used to thus expediting its response to incidents.

Kings, a single solution for sharing information

There are various aspects of kings a single solution:

  • Is federated with international agencies
  • Collects information from many sources malware specialists
  • Contains attributes and events contextualised malware
  • Allows interaction with other tools of analysis
  • Realiza automáticamente la correlación entre los distintos elementos de ciberinteligencia que contiene
  • The information obtained prioritizes
  • Allows downloading reports

Access to this platform is restricted to all those organizations that have a portal certificate SAT and is performed by the following link (Opens in new window) .

You can find more information in the following Guides CCN-STIC:

  • Guide CCN-STIC-423 commitment Indicators (Opens in new window) , which displays the existing tools to identify indicators of commitment (IoC), as well as the steps to act against unknown threats. also shown are the steps needed to share these files of intelligence in the platform available kings, as well as the steps of creation and export manually.
  • CCN-STIC-424 guide information exchange of Cyber threats. STIX-TAXII (Opens in new window) , which presents the latest trends in sharing of information and the highest standards used in the sector (STIX, TAXII) as well as the numerous advantages of its use for improved defensive capabilities of an organization. It also provides a practical case for use with the tool KINGS in which you can follow the basic operations – as import and export intelligence -, all based on an attack known.
  • Guide CCN-STIC-425 cycle of intelligence and analysis of Intrusions (Opens in new window) , whose aim is to offer an explanation, simple and concise way, what in cybersecurity is the so-called Ciberinteligencia and the cycle of intelligence, developing one of its most significant phases: the analysis. For this purpose develops a model for the Formal Analysis of Intrusions.
  • Guide CCN-STIC-426 Kings. User Manual (Opens in new window) . Esta Guía recoge los principales aspectos de la herramienta REYES como plataforma desplegada por el CCN-CERT para el intercambio de información y conocimiento sobre ciberamenazas.

Original source of the news (Opens in new window) .

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