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Arranca el proyecto europeo SEMPER para el intercambio de información de representación entre países europeos

18 March 2019

La identidad electrónica ha supuesto un gran avance para realizar trámites administrativos en línea, y en general, para la transformación digital de la administración.


The identity electronics has made a breakthrough for administrative tasks, online, and in general, for digital transformation of the administration. However, you must bear in mind that many times this administrative procedures are carried out through representatives. The electronic powers can act on behalf of others, both physical and legal, and to manage systems have been developed as the Electronic registration Hijacking .
With the regulation eIDAS ( Regulation (HAT) No 910 / 2014 (Opens in new window) ), que obliga al reconocimiento mutuo de identidades electrónicas transfronterizas, se ha abierto la puerta para que los servicios públicos ofrezcan la posibilidad de identificarse con medios de identidad electrónicos de otros países europeos.  En ciertas ocasiones, es necesario identificar a una persona física o jurídica como representante de otra persona física o jurídica, y es precisamente el objetivo que persigue el proyecto SEMPER.

The European project “ SEMPER – Cross-border Interoperability Requirement of Powers and Mandates (CEF 2018-EU-IA-0032) ” is framed within the program Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) (Opens in new window) and aims to analyze what information sharing is necessary representation to properly identify a natural or legal person acting on behalf of another.
The General Secretary of Digital Administration participates in this project along with the Technische University Graz (Austria), which serves as the coordinator of the project, the Ministry of Public Administration (Slovenian) and Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands). This proposal has been selected in the invitation CEF Telecom 2018, whose goal is to create an ecosystem throughout the European Union based on the Regulation eIDAS able to improve the services provided to citizens.

The project SEMPER intended to supplement the functionality of recognition of identities of the eIDAS Nodes , con la posibilidad de comprobar e intercambiar información de la representación. Para ello que hay que definir la interoperabilidad semántica transfronteriza de los poderes de representación y conectar los nodos eIDAS con los sistemas de representación de cada país.  En el caso de España, el nodo eIDAS consultará el Electronic registration Hijacking to exchange the attributes of representation in addition to the identification of the citizen. This project boot marks the beginning of meetings to specify the specifications of which will be the definition semantics.

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