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- The centre PAe National PKIX offers local entities a new service detection and response to cyber attacks
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El Centro Criptológico Nacional ofrece a las entidades locales un nuevo servicio de detección y respuesta a ciberataques

14 March 2019


The CCN is working on the implementation of operations centres virtual security (vSOC) through which local entities will have more visibility and information about vulnerabilities, failures of configuration and incidents, greater capacity of deployment, protection and performance.

In this way, through these centres promoted by the CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) , ayuntamientos y diputaciones tendrán más visibilidad e información sobre vulnerabilidades, fallos de configuraciones e incidentes, mayor capacidad de despliegue, protección y actuación, al disponer de una gestión centralizada que permitirá aumentar el número de entidades adscritas a cada centro virtual.

The Operations centres virtual security (vSOC) (Opens in new window) born in response to the growing number of cyber attacks and the danger that these pose to countries, initiated its protection work in part perimetral, since it is a priority to ensure its correct configuration. There is up to a total of three modes of implantation of these centres that, depending on their level (initial vSOC, vSOC and Advanced vSOC) lead to greater safety monitoring.

Local entities, to be attached to the different vSOC, may form part of the community of reference composed of the CCN-CERT, entities and agencies with which cooperates in the creation of a cyberspace more secure and more reliable, and will also receive the support of this body in managing the security of information technologies and communication. The fundamental value of this cooperation lies in the exchange of information on incidents, activity that allows you to improve and streamline the detection and action against possible attacks..

Furthermore, the CCN-CERT offers a series of specific services to local entities attached to the vSOC, including assistance in remote and presencial in case of incident, as well as aid in its resolution, notification of incidents, advice on cybersecurity, referral warnings about vulnerabilities and digital forensic analysis, among others.

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