PAe - open the survey that will shape the report “ economic impact of data open 2020 ”
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Open the survey that will shape the report “ economic impact of data open 2020 ”

24 June 2019

The pan-European data Portal (European Data Portal – EDP) has launched a campaign to collect views through a questionnaire which will feed one of its most important work in 2020: the study “ Economic impact of data open 2020 ”.

From 2015, the European Data Portal (EDP) (Opens in new window) is the initiative of the European Commission (Opens in new window) addressed to increase the impact of data open.

The opening of data of the public Sector is essential for the generation of new services, stimulating innovation, as well as to increase the efficiency of the administrations and support decision making informed. To better understand the impact of data policies open, it is necessary to make a study of its projection in the industry and the economy, so that both European and national levels are field studies of the business sector.

At the European level, in 2015 the first report was issued " Creation of value through open data (Opens in new window) ", showing the potential of data open and its impact on the HAT and value for the selected companies (Opens in new window) . Therefore, the resulting document after this new data collection (Opens in new window) , will follow, develop and expand, in turn, the report by 2015. The questionnaire is addressed to document the use of open data in companies and, with its findings and conclusions, it will shape much of the report “ Economic impact of data open 2020 ”.

In early 2020, the EDP appear the second iteration of the report.

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