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PAe - Held the last hackathon on challenges of the Single Digital Gateway
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Held the last hackathon on challenges of the Single Digital Gateway

18 June 2019

Se ha celebrado en Barcelona el último hackathon de la serie organizada por la Comisión Europea sobre los desafíos de la Pasarela Digital Única. En esta ocasión, se desafiaba a los participantes a encontrar en 24 horas  una solución tecnológica que permitiera a fabricantes de productos encontrar toda la normativa europea y nacional aplicable a ellos.

The Regulation (HAT) 2018 / 1724 of the European Parliament and of the board (Opens in new window) on 2 October 2018 relating to the creation of a single digital gateway access to information, procedures and assistance services and solving problems and amending Regulation (HAT) # 1024 / 2012, focuses on the use of digital technologies to remove barriers and enhance the European internal market.

In the case of manufacturers who want to sell their products in any member state of the HAT, need to know the regulation applicable at both European and national levels. Although there is an international encoding of products that uses the Trade Helpdesk (Opens in new window) de la Comisión para relacionarlos con la normativa europea aplicable a cada uno, esto no sucede en general a nivel nacional, donde no se usa dicha codificación o la información no está estructurada, de modo que sólo se puede acudir a los boletines oficiales que publican todas las normativas y encontrar aquéllas que hacen referencia de algún modo a cada producto.

The participants in Barcelona hackathon (Opens in new window) (“hack ” of programmer,“ Instant "marathon) took 24 hours to propose a technological solution to the challenge. The groups conducted a web interface for manufacturers to make your search on different sources structured and unstructured of European and national legislation, using technology mainly natural language processing (PNL) to find the appropriate references to their products in legal texts – whatever the title - helps and offered as search results. Some incorporated besides automatic learning technologies to improve the search algorithm from ratings from manufacturers.

The jury, which had a representative of the General secretariat of administration Digital, gave the prize of €5,000 to the group “Spacers ” that offered the more complete solution and creative. The winning had an attractive user interface, with a lively element to delimit the question of the manufacturer; used an algorithm PNL created by Google allowing easily further include new informal sources of regulations; improves the algorithm with automatic learning from the assessment that the user gave on the usefulness of each rules displayed as a result; and also included as a result the absence of rules specifically in any of the selected countries.

The committee has been hugely satisfied creativity offered in these meetings and work to incorporate it in their future projects.

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