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PAe - published an analysis of the situation open data in the public sector English
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Published an analysis of the situation open data in the public sector English

03 June 2019

The digital magazine IT User analyses, in a special dossier that accompanies your number of May, the reuse of data open in the public sector and strategies of open data and open government being implemented in Spain.

The Open data initiative of the government of Spain (Opens in new window) is a consolidated project in the field of public administration and, in turn, regarded as the hub of all the project's open data at the national level. it is the exhibitor, once established, analyzed and standardized, data from different Spanish public entities. at least so contains a special dossier on open data in the public sector (Opens in new window) published by the Digital Magazine IT User in its number of May.

The bet of Spain boosting open data is vehement. Indeed, there are already 293 initiatives (Opens in new window) driven by the Secretariat of state for Digital progress (Opens in new window) and Secretary General Digital Administration ; 42 of them in the field of state structures, 17 in administrations, 225 by local governments and 9 in universities. Therefore, it is not surprising that Spain is one of the European countries with further development of open data (only exceeded by Irish score) according to the report Open Data Travel in Europe 2018 (Opens in new window) , carried out by the European Portal of data (Opens in new window) .

This growth is expected to have a significant impact, both in the performance of public function, with improvements in areas such as performance and efficiency of public services, such as cost savings, as it is estimated that avoids the spending of some 1.7 billion euros in costs to the public administration only in 2020.

And is not there. According to a report released recently, also by the European Data Portal “ Analytical Report 12: Business-to-Government Data Sharing (Opens in new window) ”, which analyzes the provision of data from the private sector to public agencies or Business to Government (B2G) on preferential terms for reuse, concludes that “ the exchange of data is a key facilitator of growth, employment and competitiveness for Europa, as well as for the Digital Single Market envisaged by the European Union. Reuse data can save costs, time and lives ”. Therefore, it can be said that Spain march in the right direction with regard to reuse open data in the public sector and, thanks to the revealed in these studies Europeans, we are one of the leaders of the European Union in this field.

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