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PAe - New Guide of implantation of ENS for Local Entities
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New Guide of implantation of ENS for Local Entities

03 June 2019

The aim of this guide is to help local authorities to take appropriate measures to manage information security and comply with national security Scheme, using a methodology that prioritizes results and agility.

The National PKIX centre (Opens in new window) the public has done Guide CCN-STIC 883 of implantation of ENS for Local Entities (Opens in new window) , which set out a series of steps needed to take appropriate measures within an organization to to ensure the management of information security, through the national security Scheme.

The guide develops stages of a plan that identifies precisely the sequence of steps to reach the orbit of compliance with the ENS, applying a methodology that prioritizes results and agility to manage security technology.

The document contains the keys and a step by step to introduce the national security Scheme in Municipalities. Also, describes the phases of implementation of management system for the ENS into 4 phases: start, off, acceleration and compliance Orbit.

Finally, the guide provides a development of safety regulations generated through all the guides which have been issuing during recent years and includes for example some of the main legal. Rules of sorting and processing of information, logical access and management of training, education and awareness are some of these sections. Similarly, it includes a chapter of management of communications networks, the park of digital job and management systems logs.

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