The European Data Portal (EDP) provides n of users an informative program online, design pipe to disseminate qu data are open and c mo est n cambiando la vida de todos los habitantes de nuestro planeta.

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The European Data Portal (EDP) puts at the disposal of users an online training program, designed to disseminate what are open data and how they are changing the lives of all the inhabitants of our planet. "/ > PAe - El programa de formación web del European data Portal
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The training programme standing European web Portal

29 July 2019

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El European Data Portal (EDP) pone a disposición de los usuarios un programa formativo online, diseñado para difundir qué son los datos abiertos y cómo están cambiando la vida de todos los habitantes de nuestro planeta.

Said program (Opens in new window) consists of 16 modules, which help familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the ecosystem of data open: from basic concepts until present and future trends, via success stories and good practices of publication access and use.

Until now, these contents were available in languages such as English and French, but, thanks to the collaboration with the initiative Brings, the EDP has just published all modules in English.

Training materials are aimed at all types of users interested in the world of data open, from basic users wishing to obtain a general idea to experts in the field. Each module can be done in a few 15-30 minutes, while all have two additional hours of content for advanced users who want to deepen in certain areas.

Since the Standing EDP Portal European (Opens in new window) recommend perform the sixteen modules in order to obtain a solid base of knowledge about the various aspects of data open. However, if you prefer to focus on a particular topic, please refer directly to the module.

The 16 modules already available in English are:

  1. What is the data open? (Opens in new window)
  2. Take the value of the data open (Opens in new window)
  3. Open data: an agent of change (Opens in new window)
  4. Why do we need a license? (Opens in new window)
  5. What makes data open are good quality? (Opens in new window)
  6. How to measure the success of data open (Opens in new window)
  7. Why should worry sustainability? (Opens in new window)
  8. Platforms known (Opens in new window)
  9. How to choose the correct format for data open (Opens in new window)
  10. How useful are my data? (Opens in new window)
  11. How to cleanse your data (Opens in new window)
  12. Find hidden data on the Web (Opens in new window)
  13. Connect the Web of data (Opens in new window)
  14. Arguments to defend open data (Opens in new window)
  15. How to manage the change in open data (Opens in new window)
  16. Generate impact through open data (Opens in new window)


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