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PAe - open the second call the program CEF Telecom 2019-2020
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Open the second call the program CEF Telecom 2019-2020

July 23, 2019

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The deadline for nominations extends until 4 November 2019.

The European Commission, through the Executive Agency of innovation and networks (CQSINO), and according to the Work programme 2019-2020 of CEF Telecom (Opens in new window) , has opened the term of the second of the four calls for financing of year 2019. Funding is shared between the services of digital infrastructure Open data (5 million), Cybersecurity (10 million), eHealth (5 million), eProcurement (3 million), European e-Justice (3 million) and the new European platform of Digital Skills and employment (1m).

For all those DSIs except the new European platform of Digital Skills and employment, provides cofinancing of up to 75% of total costs, as was done for the first call for CEF Telecom 2019-2020. The duration of projects varies according to the service of digital infrastructure: since the year and a half ( eProcurement ), two years ( European e-Justice ), three years ( Public Open Data , Cybersecurity , Plataforma europea de Competencias Digitales y Empleo) y entre dos y cuatro años (eHealth).

Connection to the convening of projects Open Data will the deployment of innovative services make use of data, static or in real time, provided in the open data portals (as datos.gob.es). In Addition, will be considered those projects aimed at improving the deployment of infrastructures of open data in the member states, facilitating the harmonization and interoperability of data from different administrations.

On the other hand, the European platform of Digital Skills and employment is one of the main new Telecom CEF agenda 2019-2020 and seeks to improve the formation of European citizens in digital competences basic and advanced, because, according to estimates of the committee, 40% of European companies have difficulty finding professionals with digital skills required. It is open Only to national coalitions that form part of the Digital Coalition Digital Skills and employment.

La convocatoria de ciberseguridad busca limitar el impacto económico y político de los incidentes de ciberseguridad mediante un mejor alineamiento con la Directiva NIS y la mejora de las capacidades operacionales de los principales stakeholders bajo dicha Directiva.

With regard to eHealth , it seeks to continue with the technical development of national points of contact for eHealth with the objective of improving data exchange of electronic prescription and medical records.

Moreover, the convening of eProcurement is aligned with the procurement directives 2014. It will continue activities funded to date with regard to eCertis , ESPD , ETendering y el registro de contratos. Asimisimo, este año se financiarán tres actividades nuevas.

Finally, the convening of European e-Justice cubre la conexión de los Estados Miembros al Portal Europeo de e-Justice .

The conditions for the nomination are available in the work programme 2019-2020 and web page of the CQSINO (Opens in new window) .


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