PAe - The Commission publishes the new edition of spain tab on digital administration
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La Comisión publica la nueva edición de la ficha de España sobre administración digital

12 July 2019

Forma parte de la colección de fichas informativas sobre el estado de la administración digital en Europa que recogen el estado de situación del desarrollo de la administración digital en 36 países europeos.

The Direct access to the tab of Spain (Digital Government Factsheets) (Opens in new window) "href =" https :// joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/nifo-national-interoperability-framework-observatory/digital-government-factsheets-2019 "target =" _ blank "> fact sheets on the state of electronic administration (Digital Government Factsheets)(Opens in new window) have been redesigned in 2019 to better reflect the evolution since electronic administration towards the administration digital. A novelty of this edition is that the tiles are accompanied by a tab infográfica countries. All these chips are the result of a cooperative effort between the unity of interoperability of the DG DIGIT and public administrations European countries, and are published as an action programme ISA2 (Opens in new window) .


In particular, the digital administration tab of Spain ofrece información actualizada sobre la situación de la administración digital: indicadores, aspectos destacados, impulso político, marco legal, gobernanza, infraestructura, servicios a los ciudadanos y servicios a las empresas. Se acompaña a su vez de una summary infográfica tab which highlights certain initiatives to promote digital administration under the main aspects dealt with in the main document.

Infographic Government Digital 2019 - England

The Observatory national frameworks of interoperability (NIFO) (Opens in new window) it is a service provided by the program ISA ² (Opens in new window) de la Comisión Europea que ofrece información sobre el desarrollo de la administración digital y la interoperabilidad en Europa.

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