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FACe conformed to accept european billing

06 february 2019

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FACe incorporates the formats UBL 2.1 and CII (Cross Industry Based Diagramming) for the implementation of the directive 2014/55/Eu.

The Directive 2014/55/EU of 16 april 2014 (Opens in new window) regarding electronic invoicing in procurement requires the definition of a common european standard for electronic invoicing semantic level, and additional standardisation will improve interoperability in the level of usage.

This european directive involves adopting measures that require contracting entities and entities that are within the scope of the same can receive and process electronic invoices to comply with the european standard (EN16931) in the invoice before 18 april 2019.

FACe in collaboration with other administrations and the private sector in the EFC EUROFACE project, has developed the technology needed to allow european invoices of different formats to the format Facturae. Invoice formats union admitted shall UBL 2.1 and CII (Cross Industry Based Diagramming).

Users may FACe validate and submit invoices in european format as they have been doing so far in format Facturae may consult its state and evolution without restrictions. In Addition, we will continue to provide the proof of CSV referral.

In the interests of the integration of administrations and suppliers, has been published in the environment of evidence, a new version of FACe which responds to this need.

More information can be found in Download area the project in the cst.

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