PAe - the new electronic document management of the Generalitat Valenciana consolidated for the treatment of your information
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The new electronic document management of the Generalitat Valenciana consolidated for the treatment of your information

30 january 2019

The official journal of the Generalitat Valenciana has issued an order approving the new electronic document management of the Generalitat, which allows treatment and classification of all information with which they serve the various administrative departments.

The PGDE establishes common criteria for all departments, doing away with the previous system, in which each conselleria kept his information in part in its own file and there was a Single classification which included all the documentation generated by the Generalitat.

Since the entry into force of law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure act, which provides that the administration should be digital, administrative documents must be electronic. In this regard, the government is now establishing criteria common to all its departments, so that there is a set of all the information it manages.

The new system includes the documentary management in two distinct phases, since its origins to its file. Thus, the management of the document will be hearing this origin, as the time which had recorded its entry into the system of electronic document management and guaranteeing their unequivocal identification, giving each and every document registration specific. And ends with the final file (historical) in the system of electronic document management.

Series documentaries and detailed classification tables

The classification of documents for its management will be carried out according to a classification plan adapted to each department. To this end, since the files each conselleria is being implemented in the process of identifying all documentary series (way in which are grouped and classified documents) and the development of their classification tables.

By way of example, in the case of the Conselleria de finance and Economic Model have been recorded 886 series documentaries, covering issues such as conventions, under the contracts, various taxes, accounting documents, files of fines, files of computer security, payments, press clippings, etc.

At the end of this process, the documentary series crusades of all conselleries, for a single entry identifier for each series. The classification and description of the documents and electronic files will enable the recovery of the same at any time.

Improves transparency and facilitates access by citizens

Law 2/2015, of 2 april, de la Generalitat, transparency, good governance and citizen participation de la Comunitat Valenciana stipulates the right to free access to public information, and it is essential to the government to have an adequate documentary management, including electronic records.

To this end, the Conselleria de finance and Economic Model, through the department of information and communication technologies, and the Conselleria de education, research, culture and sport, as a steering body of archival system valenciano, contributed to the PGDE.

The new policy of management and conservation of the official protects the rights and interests of citizens and allows to assess the impact of its programmes and improve the work it does.

In addition, operationalizes the necessary strategies to ensure the establishment, maintenance, treatment and maintenance of electronic documents authentic and reliable, protecting their integrity throughout their life cycle, including the historic phase or file, given the importance that may have the artistic and property.

In addition, the PGDE will allow citizens to access easily to information and documentation of each of its open cases and, thanks to the safety requirements, ensure its confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability.

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