PAe - how to facilitate interoperability in an open data portal: the example of aragon Open Data
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How to facilitate interoperability in an open data portal: the example of aragon Open Data

25 january 2019

The initiative to open database of the government of Aragón emerged by agreement in 2012 with the aim of creating economic value in the ict Sector through reuse of public information, increasing transparency and the promotion of innovation.

In the year 2013, launching this portal web for open data from the government of Aragón. Since then, aragon Open Data has seen exponential growth, driven by the unit responsible for its management, current directorate-General of E-government and information society, and, by different suppliers of data: public units mostly of the self-government. These providers have made it possible that your personal information is offered under the philosophy of the open data from a single access point.

Since the establishment of the portal have developed more services, such as the Aragopedia, quotation or Open Analytics Data. They all revolve around the reuse and disposal of open services provided through their use and interpretation. In this regard, Aragón Open Data (Opens in new window) offers various applications of use and exploitation of their means, together with training materials, while taking into account the promotion of APIs and services to give added value to the own data. For this work the initiative was selected as the Only spanish experience in the Open Data Leader's Network   (Opens in new window) held in london in 2016.

Among the most downloaded the portal include: Download service e:1 cartographic/1000 per municipality, Government of aragón, list of the municipalities of Aragón or annual timelines for holidays from the autonomous community and its provinces.

In this broad and diverse framework, Aragón Open Data also launched in 2016 a job of identification and integration of the diversity of data generated by the government of aragón, with a view to facilitating their willingness and openness. The first step was to generate an ontology, the information of aragon EI2A Interoperable. To that end with the collaboration of the units at their disposal, create and manage data, with the participation of different areas of the Government of aragón such as agriculture, finance, culture, information on geographical data or the environment, among others.

The information of Aragon Interoperable (EI2A) homogeniza structures, vocabularies and characteristics within the framework of aragon Open Data to resolve, in large part, the issue of diversity and heterogeneity of existing data on the administration. A heterogeneity is a faithful reflection of reality and powers of the administration, but that hampers their openness and reuse.

The EI2A describes the conceptual model and logical set of data generated by the government of aragón representing entities, property and relations. The structure is designed to support the interoperability of data under their domination through its standardization. The Structure of aragon Interoperable Information aims to link the content and elements of the different data sets to enable them to be standardised and exploited children jointly within the Government of aragón, bringing together, simplify and give consistency to the same, regardless of their origin, purpose, model, entities and foreign.

It is in 2017 and 2018 when EI2A becomes a reality to be implemented with some of the data of aragon Open Data, emerging, Aragon Open Data project. Aragón Open Data Pool is an innovative pilot project demonstrating the importance of recording data serve them and to facilitate their use and exploitation. Open Data Pool is available since december 2018 as its basis the EI2A.

As a result: more than 140 data sources of agencies and distinct purposes, which were open in Aragón Open Data (API GA _ OD _ Core), have been standardized under EI2A, so that, since a single point and the same criteria of consultation, to be exploited as a whole and offered.

The data of this project are equipped with the standards of the semantic web for their exploitation, consultation and use (SPARQL endpoint), which is their true potential. This allows to consult and exploit data regardless of their characteristics and vocabularies and even federar also allows data portals of different administrations as Aragon Open Data (under the EI2A) and Open Data Euskadi (under ELI).

Another notable thing is that it has focused its use to a non-technical user, by allowing navigation more intuitive and simple through relations between data, applying the interoperability through the relationship of various data through a web browsing.

With this project, which has contributed to better understand the reality of the data included in Aragón Open Data Pool under the EI2A, confirms the need for the standardization of data in origin, and providing them to open in Aragón Open Data, by increasing their use and reuse of the administration and out of this. And it is here that comes into play the necessary change seeking the guidelines of interoperability and data re-opened in the access point open database of the government of Aragón, which today corresponds to a policy project. Among its areas of work, this project, is to better identify the data, improve quality in origin, and support the process since the establishment of data by the different production units, at the domestic level, to its opening in Aragón Open Data. This seeks to continue to grow, improve and be directed at ensuring that any interested, institutions, developers or sector can use infomediario information, data and services available for any of their interests, thereby contributing to the development of the information society.

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