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New version Portafirmas SARA Network and AGE

03 December 2019

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The new version 7.1 in both Portafirmas SARA Network as Portafirmas of the General administration of the state.

The Portafirmas is a tool to generate flows of signature and electronically sign documents, using the digital certificate of the signatory.

In this new version of Portafirmas 7.1, available in both Network Portafirmas SARA as Portafirmas of the General administration of the state, have been included a set of new features and various improvements:

  • Disable the use of applets in Internet Explorer. From now on, all the signatures in client will be with Self-signature. To download Self-Signature must access the following link: https :// firmaelectronica.gob.es/Home/Descargas.html
  • It allows you to configure the tray of requests to instead of showing the user sender, show the user who signed the petition last.
  • Shows the annexes sorted alphabetically.
  • Incorporates the component of display in Annexes of petitions.
  • Add comments are allowed in signatures XADES.
  • Se integra la gestión de las sedes de Portafirmas con DIR3.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

More information in the Portafirmas solution the CTT.

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